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Padrino Children’s Foundation is continually evaluating the most pressing healthcare needs of children in our community and designing programs to best meet the void in existing care with the resources we have available. Thus, our programs shift over time.

We evaluate new services through pilot programs, learn from our experience, and improve the programs over time to maximize the benefit to local children. Enrollment in one of our programs begins with a socioeconomic assessment to determine financial need. If the child qualifies, Dr. Alejandra will perform a general consultation and design a course of treatment.

Financial Aid for Medical Services

We generally learn of a local child in need of specialist care or for whom basic care has been lacking through our relationship with the Centro de Salud or one of our local schools. For kids who qualify, the foundation may fund diagnostic tests, pharmaceuticals, nutritional counseling, specialist medical treatment, medical aids such as eyeglasses and hearing aids, and multiple types of physical and cognitive therapy. Inability to afford transportation often results in lack of medical care. In nearly all cases that require care in nearby La Paz or Los Cabos, Padrino Children’s foundation also funds the transportation costs of the child and parent.

Children with Special Needs

With the generous financial support of the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, our Children with Special Needs Program provides intensive therapy for local children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism, among other diagnoses. The children undergo a series of medical, psychological, and social service evaluations and receive a personalized, multidisciplinary treatment plan. The children and families receive ongoing medical and pharmacological support, specialist evaluations, and family psychotherapy, as well as psychoeducational therapies 4 days per week. These therapy sessions are intended to stimulate sensorial and motor skills, speech development, and social adaptation. Therapy for our older children also focuses on vocational potential.

Health Clinics

Within the region, there are several at-risk pediatric populations who have less access to the healthcare system, including the children born on nearby ranches and those living in the migrant farm worker camps. Through clinics, we perform basic healthcare assessment of physical development, create medical records for each child, and identify cases that require additional follow-up care. Past clinics have been highly successful in diagnosing vision, cardiac conditions, and nutritional deficits.

Teen Outreach

Our Teen Outreach program is aimed at children 11 to 16 years old who have been identified by their school to have certain risk factors. They are invited to participate in psychoeducational workshops, where the adolescents discuss topics such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide and depression, school drop-out, and domestic violence. The workshops integrate art and vocational therapy. The program also orchestrates monthly conferences with guest speakers who address the public secondary and high school students on topics that can impact the next generation and shape our community.

Getting there is the first step to wellness

The cost of healthcare services is not the only obstacle facing local families in need of medical care. Families may lack the means to pay for transportation to healthcare providers in the capitol city of La Paz as well as Los Cabos. And, at times, our local paramedic team lacks funding for fuel to provide ambulance support when emergency care is needed. For these reasons, Padrino Children’s Foundation dedicates a significant portion of our monthly expenditure to bus tickets and gas vouchers. As our ability to serve ever more children in the community expands, we expect transportation costs to grow proportionally.