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In early 2016, we studied needs of children in Todos Santos and the surrounding area. We found that many families in our community do not have the means to access necessary pediatric care. We applied for non-profit status in the U.S. as the Padrino Children’s Foundation. Our board of directors began to align with the local medical community to identify the most pressing health issues and to develop funding and support processes to identify patients in need.

Today, the Padrino Children’s Foundation works with physicians and other professionals across the region who offer their services, often at a discounted rate. We host doctors and organizations from the US who come to hold special health clinics. Our efforts have been recognized through financial support grants from US and Mexican charitable organizations and caring individuals. With this groundswell of support, we can evaluate and treat hundreds of children each year and make a lasting impact on our community.


To provide access to professional medical care for children in need in Todos Santos and the surrounding area of Southern Baja. This is accomplished by partnering with health professionals and organizations who provide medical evaluations, treatments, medical aids, and family assistance, as well as promotion of wellness in the community.


To ensure that every child in Todos Santos and the surrounding area has access to professional medical services and that no child is turned away due to the family’s inability to pay for those services.


Nancy Serfass


Ron Peters


Nancy Naigle


Julie Erwin

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Jim Cardillo

Operations Strategy

Jamie Kelly



Tim Hintzoglou
Non-profit tax accountant

Nina Sundqvist
Certified translator

Felipe Rodriguez Lara
Attorney at Law

Karen Seto, Esq.
501(c)(3) legal guidance/corporate compliance

Jack Schuab
Graphic designer


Amigos de los Ninos, San Jose del Cabo
Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of Teleton (CRIT), La Paz
Red Autismo, San Jose del Cabo
Centro de Rehabilitación Y Educación Especial (CREE), La Paz


Todos Santos
Jose Antonio Estrada Valdez, Optometrist
Farmacia San Benito
Laboratorio Todos Santos
Dr. Bernie Brown, retired pediatrician, Elias Calles

La Paz
Dr. Reyna Lucero Nava Mendoza, Child psychologist
Dr. Lucero Malpica Nava, Child psychologist
Dr. Victor Manuel Diaz Alvarez, Odontopediatrician
Dr. Cristobal Menardo Valdez Geraldo, Pediatric neurologist
Dr. Alysophia Hernandez Cordova, Pediatric neurologist
Dr. Carlos Justo Mendoza Unzon, Ophthalmologist
Dr. Fausto Miguel Lechuga Medina, Ophthalmologist
Dr. Jose Manuel Penaloza Gonzalez, Ortolarynologist
Dr. Stephanie Herrejon Galaviz, Audiologist
Dr. Gladys Rocio Cruz Perez, Plastic surgery
Ultrasonido Especializado y Radiodiagnostico
Farmacia Especializada
Ortobaja Orthopedic Aids


Funding for the Padrino Children’s Foundation comes from individual donors and grants. Nearly every cent donated is used in the direct care of children. Our board is entirely volunteer and uncompensated. Our medical team members are paid for the services they provide as contract professionals, in some cases at discounted rates.

Donations are used to pay for the clinical services provided by our dedicated medical team and other medical professionals. Some services are charged at a negotiated discounted rate. Other expenses include medical aids, supplies, and transportation for the care of the children. A very small budget is dedicated to overhead expenses which include rent, accounting software, website maintenance, and fees related to our 510(c)(3) non-profit organization status.


2018 Budget
2018 Expenses YTD
2018 Funding YTD


The Centro de Salud, our local public health clinic, serves most families in Todos Santos. They charge modest fees for their medical services. However, many uninsured families cannot afford even a small consultation fee at the Centro de Salud, let alone, bus fare to follow up with a specialist, emergency ambulance transport, surgical procedures, pharmaceuticals, vision care, or dental care.

As there is no practicing pediatrician in Todos Santos, there is a significant population of undiagnosed and therefore untreated children from families who cannot seek care in La Paz or Los Cabos. Likewise, few resources exist locally for the treatment of cognitive disorders, autism, and psychological issues. Unfortunately, when early pediatric care is neglected, serious complications can arise requiring substantial medical intervention later in life.

Seguro Popular provides healthcare insurance for the Mexican population who do not have another type of public insurance such as IMSS or ISSSTE. However, treatments for many acute and chronic conditions, not to mention genetic disorders, are only partially covered. Many times treatment costs must be fully paid by the child’s family. Additionally, to receive Seguro Popular’s full coverage, a child must be registered with the civil registry. In some cases, A child may lack the birth certificate required to register. Among our services, we offer families help in registering their undocumented children.
Padrino Children’s Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and your donation is U.S. tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. We provide a letter to each donor at the beginning of each year, enabling you to claim your deduction on U.S. taxes.
We provide financial support for medical services for children under the age of 18 in Todos Santos and the surrounding communities whose families qualify based on economic need.

You can reach us at info@padrinocf.org or office phone number 52-612-145-0506.

Most services are provided free of charge or at a nominal fee based on a socioeconomic evaluation of the patient’s family circumstances. In cases of lesser economic need, a family could contribute as much as 30% of the cost of services. On average, families pay less than 10% of the total costs of treatments.
The support we provide is available for children in Todos Santos, Pescadero, and the surrounding ranches.

We usually do not accept material donations for children due to space limitations. However, in some cases, we can deliver your donations to community members or connect you with a group who can. Please contact us with your idea at: info@padrinocf.org.

The Padrino Children’s Foundation board of directors is completely volunteers and uncompensated. Administrative expenses are kept as low as possible, thereby enabling nearly every cent donated to be dedicated to the care of children. In 2017, our General and Administrative expenses were 11% of total revenue.

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